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December 2000

December 31st
Vectaport Inc., a California corporation formed Jan 1st 1994, has been dissolved. vectaport.com carries on as a domain name owned and operated by Scott Johnston, and as an advertisement for his consulting services. Watch ivtools.org for future news on ivtools.

December 9th
ivtools-0.9 released.

August 2000

August 25th
ivtools-0.8.4 released.

June 2000

June 19th
Uploaded all the outstanding bug reports and feature request to SourceForge.
June 14th
vhclmaps-0.7.5 released with many improvements to the scripting language of comdraw (Recent Changes).
Also, take a look at the vhclmaps SourceForge page.
June 12th
ivtools-0.8.3 released with many improvements to the various map viewers and servers (Recent Changes).
Also, take a look at the ivtools SourceForge page.

April 2000

April 28th
ivtools-0.8.2 released.

January 2000

January 31st
vhclmaps-0.7.4 released.
January 18th
ivtools-0.8 is released!

December 1999

December 17th
CVS available for ivtools from SourceForge with web-based browsing.
December 16th
Four mailing lists set up for ivtools at SourceForge
December 3rd
Starting to make use of an ivtools project page at sourceforge.net (from VA Linux). So far there is a survey question on copyleft and ivtools.

November 1999

November 16th
Here is an annotated list of this year's nominees for the 1999 Free Software Award. It gives an idea of the depth and breadth of the open-source/free-software movement.
November 11th
patch to add raster support to the idraw output format of pstoedit.

September 1999

September 15th
Brian Marshall put up a piece that goes a long way toward explaining the two-tier business model of Vectaport, The Cash and the Calling
September 14th
ivtools-0.7.10 now available, with new support for compiling on Windows NT using Cygwin

July 1999

July 30th
ivtools-0.7.9 now available

June 1999

June 30th
added a web page that clarifies Vectaport's position on ivtools license immutability.
June 17th
web pages on how to configure web browsers for launching drawing editors and map viewers as helper apps.
June 15th
web pages on things to do with ivtools drawing editors added to ivtools documentation
June 14th
vhclmaps-0.7.3 released.
June 10th
ivtools-0.7.8 released, with support for compiling with glibc-2.1 and RedHat 6.0

May 1999

May 24th
New corporate sponsor, IET Inc., added to ivtools and vhclmaps home pages.
May 7th
Revised vhclmaps web pages.
May 3rd
Developer release of ivtools and vhclmaps.

April 1999

April 9th
Revised instructions for building Vectaport software on Solaris 2.6

March 1999

Mar 24th
ivtools-0.7.5 released, download here.
Mar 3rd
tar file of html documentation for ivtools released.

February 1999

Feb 27th
ivtools-0.7.4 released.
Feb 15th
ivtools class tree converted to a web page for indexing into online class documentation.

PERCEPS extracted class documentation for the FrameUnidraw class library.
Feb 11th
Much expanded discussion of building ivtools on commercial Unix'es in the ivtools FAQ.
Feb 8th
PERCEPS extracted class documentation for the ComUnidraw class library.
Feb 5th
"done" and "started" graphics added to ivtools things-to-do page.
Feb 3rd
easier navigation of ivmaps FAQ via new index.   New section for mapserv.

January 1999

Jan 27th
ivtools-0.7.3 announced. New documentation, dialog box work, and dataflow
Jan 25th
Complete PERCEPS extracted class documentation for the OverlayUnidraw class library.
Jan 20th
Improved PERCEPS extracted class documentation for the ComTerp class library.
Jan 14th
InterViews 3.1 man pages cross-indexed with ivtools class pages.
Jan 12th
InterViews 3.1 man pages online.
Jan 11th
Documentation Page added to ivtools, and the 3.1 Reference Manual on-line (no frames).
Jan 8th
Improved class documentation with derived-class links, accurate include file names, and class/method comments extracted by PERCEPS for Attribute, GraphUnidraw, and half of the OverlayUnidraw library.

December 1998

Dec 29th
Missing comtop-0.1.1.tgz uploaded (a starter program for making your own derived comterp).
Dec 23rd
ivtools-0.7.2 released with new flipbook slideshow mechanism and random jelly-bean drawing capability.
Dec 4th
ivtools-0.7.1 released with greater flexibility in export commands.
Dec 2nd
Added entries to the source building questions of the ivtools FAQ.

Added HI-MASS, NEFCON, SCAT, and TAE Plus to the table of InterViews applications.

Minor fix to ivtools-0.7/src/utils/Imakefile for versions of gcc that can't auto-detect and handle C++ code, extra release notes for ivtools-0.7.
Dec 1st
ivmaps-0.6.9 and vhclserv-0.3.7 released, for building on ivtools-0.7.

November 1998

Nov 30th
Added xpdf (pdftops) to list of tools that work together with ivtools.

Expanded list of third party drawing editors in ivtools FAQ.
Nov 20th
Expanded list of auxiliary tools that work together with ivtools drawing editors.

Extra release notes for ivtools-0.7, corrections to INSTALL directions.
Nov 18th
New explanation how to extend the fonts of idraw, which applies to the other