Vectaport Contracting and Consulting Services

At Vectaport we do contract development of software applications using C++ frameworks like these. We look for 3 to 6 month (or longer) opportunities where we can build a working application and deliver an organized foundation of software for our customers to build on.

Recently I've been working with Trolltech Qt applications, most notably a 3d-mesh editing application used in Mova's Contour Surface Capture technology.

Christopher Alexander said, in a foreword to Dick Gabriel's "Patterns of Software", that design patterns were not enough in his own experiments at formalizing how to build quality towns and buildings. Designers experienced in using patterns had to be involved in other aspects of construction as well. We offer the corollary here, a service of constructing custom applications, using not only design patterns, but concrete realizations of design patterns in the form of C++ frameworks.

Scott Johnston runs Vectaport Consulting.

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