Scott E. Johnston

Welcome to Scott Johnston's home page.

My e-mail is johnston at Here is my professional resume.

I'm one of the principle developers of ivtools and vhclmaps, C++ application frameworks for graphics, imaging, and geo-spatial data.

I was the president of Vectaport Inc. in Redwood City California. This is still an alias for my sole proprietorship, but the corporation went poof Dec 31st, 2000.

Then I worked on digital-video effects devices for live broadcast TV at Accom Inc. I survived up to the third round of layoffs.

For the past few years I've been working on implementing the Invocation Language described by Karl Fant in his book Computer Science Reconsidered: The Invocation Model of Process Expression. This has led to a job with Wave Semiconductor.

I kept a somewhat free-software centric weblog at Advogato. Here is my original Wiki page at Ward Cunningham's site. I'm keeping a more mainstream blog here.

I went to the University of Minnesota. Here's a page of ancient family photos. Maybe some day I'll get more recent ones put up.

Here is my brother doing what comes naturally in Minnesota.

Here are pictures of Little Crow and Henry Hastings Sibley, two not-so-famous characters who lived in the neck of the woods I grew up in, featured in issue 5 of Dobra Chai (issue 6 reviewed in FactSheet 5 Quirky).

Here is a picture of Brigadier General Henry Hopkins Sibley. Similar era and vocation as Hastings, different territory. Here's a fantasy story I wrote back in the 90's.